Business travel guide

For busy finance teams and employees

Make business travel a breeze with our guide to optimise travel expenses.


Business travel is a big part of everyday work for many employees. But business travel management still isn't efficient enough in most companies. Our guide shows you how to change that.

Studies show that business travel offers great added value for many employees. Companies also benefit massively from their employees' away-from-home activities. But there's often one problem: managing business trips (and travel expenses) causes confusion and headaches for everyone involved.


A smart spend management tool can remedy this! Our business travel guide shows how you can optimally manage travel expenses. It also includes: 

  • Business travel basics for employees and finance teams
  • A checklist for an effective travel policy
  • A guide to optimising business travel expenses
  • And much more

Download our free guide now, so there's nothing standing in the way of your next business trip.