Business financial checklist

Make sure that your company's finances are in order, and get ready for next year!



"The end of every financial year can feel like a mad rush. You spend more time than ever creating reports, assessing budgets and managing cash flow, and senior leadership needs this information to be accurate and on time. "

- Rodolphe Ardant, Spendesk CEO

2019 has almost come and gone. Finance teams need to close their books, chase up loose receipts, and think about the processes they want to improve for next year.

To help, we've put together three useful documents: 

  1. A checklist for finance teams, to make sure they've done everything important
  2. A checklist for the rest of the company, to get what you need from them
  3. A short survey to find out whether your staff understand finance processes, and how they find working with your finance team

You'll have access to all three, and can use them how you wish. All in one download!