Best Payment Methods

For growing businesses!

Learn how to pay for things easily and efficiently at work.

"Some payment methods are more time consuming to authorise and validate, meaning more of your time is soaked up by administrative tasks. More importantly, this means less time for the important things: meeting the needs of your customers and growing your business."
- Rodolphe Ardant, Spendesk CEO

If your employees need to pay for something today, how do they go about it? If it's a work expense, they need a clean and easy way to pay, and you need a way to track every transaction.

In this guide, we give you the best options you have to let your team pay for what it needs. We look at: 

  • Having employees pay out of pocket
  • The company credit card (and its significant drawbacks)
  • Shareable, prepaid credit cards
  • Virtual credit cards for online payments

Most importantly, you'll learn which is the best for your business, and under which circumstances you should use them.

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