How to Reconcile Card Payments 10x Faster



Companies are learning that their classic, traditional processes are no longer good enough. Finance and purchasing teams have put up with manual data entry and paper receipts for decades.

But today, you have better options.

In this short conversation, Spendesk's US Market Lead Alfie Marsh explains the clear benefits of spend management for finance teams. He helps businesses every day create better spending processes based on these incredible new tools.d this webinar gives you a framework to do just that.


Alfie Marsh
US GTM Lead at Spendesk
Patrick Whatman
Content lead at Spendesk


  • Why reconciling card payments takes so long today
  • The impact of this slow process on your business
  • How linking p-cards to your GL can truly make your card reconciliation process 10x faster

    This session is available to watch right now.
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