UK travel expenses made simple

A cheat sheet for easy company travel

Get your quick guide to HMRC's important travel expense rules, for finance teams and other employees.


Travel spending shouldn't be hard. This guide explains the rules clearly so finance teams don't have to answer every little question, and travelling employees can be confident they won't get into trouble.

- Rodolphe Ardant, CEO & Co-founder, Spendesk

HMRC's travel expense rules aren't always obvious or easy to find. Travelling employees need to know what's expected - and what's clearly out of bounds. 


This guide explains the essentials of business travel in simple language, so everyone's on the same page. 


This includes

  • Business vs personal costs
  • Important reminders for finance teams
  • Rules for travelling employees
  • A visual guide to what counts as a valid receipt

And plenty more. Download it now and share with the whole team!