How to onboard and train new employees from afar


We are in the midst of an economic crisis and a global pandemic, but some startups are still hiring.
How can teams welcome, onboard and train new comers to the company in a 100% digital way? This is the question Spendesk and 360 Learning tackled and shared best practices on. 



Joei Chan
Joei Chan
Director of Content at 360Learning
jonah goldstein
Jonah Goldstein
Head of Learning at 360Learning
raph moutard
Raphaël Moutard
Engineering Manager at Spendesk


In this webinar you will get key insights on: 
  • Creating and operating a digital onboarding process
  • How to make new hires feel at home from the get-go
  • Tracking performance in a remote setting
  • And more!

The speakers also answered live questions of the audience and shared more of their personal experience.  Fill out to form to access the replay! 

360learning x Spendesk -vf
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